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Doug Buchanan
Fairbanks, Alaska
May 19, 1947 - Feb. 7, 2012
On to his next adventure

For those of you who never had the pleasure of meeting Doug Buchanan, the creator of this website and numerous others, I will provide some background.

Doug was raised on a farm in Selah, WA, the youngest of 7 children.  He found life to be exciting and interesting.  His many hobbies included building model airplanes of balsa wood with engines that allowed him to let them fly as long and far as the fuel lasted.  During Boy Scouts he was selected for the Order of the Arrow.  This began a never ending exploration of NW Indian activities and art.  He began chipping arrow heads and spear points; he captured birds and used their feathers in making dance costumes.  He used to go to dance competitions at the local Yakama pow wows and succeeded in winning some, much to the chagrin of the Native Americans.  He began climbing in Washington and found it filled a need for adventure.  After high school he attended Washington State University, earning a degree in Wildlife Biology and a Regular Army commission as a graduate of ROTC.  He ended up in Viet Nam as a platoon leader and helicopter pilot.  After Viet Nam he was assigned to Ft. Wainwright in Fairbanks.  He resigned his commission in Fairbanks and remained a resident for the remainder of his life. 

He was a dedicated bachelor, finding that his need for adventure precluded the time and financial commitment required to maintain a long term relationship. He stated "there is only time enough for three hobbies in life" for him that was climbing (his primary activity in the winter), kayaking (summers in SE Alaska) and skydiving (all year round).  

He believed in the freedom of the hills and railed against the National Park Service and their regulations restricting public access to public lands.  In that light he founded the Alaskan Alpine Club, a club for climbers and a political platform for freedom in the hills.   On this website you will find great stories from almost 40 years of Alaska adventures.  If you follow some of his links you will find pages where he espouses his political ideas.

Please enjoy these stories he published of his adventures.

David Buchanan



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Aint this e-book thing great. The author keeps adding to the book, without charging you for another book or even the first one if you can't afford it. There was once a famous painter whose paintings were in museums. He kept getting caught in the museums with his paints and brushes, improving his paintings. These stories may become more accurate from time to time, when I brush in a few adjectives or events.

Ah, and if you have a government job, like I had in the past, and if you don't have a genuine sense of humor, find a government source for Alaska stories, because this site does not flatter the delicate egos of the poor sad sorts who have fallen victim to government jobs. It could be no other way and be written by an Alaskan.

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